Design of an Automated Pill Weight Checker System for Pharmaceutical industry


Quality control is an essenal operaon of the pharmaceucal industry. Drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeucally acve formulaons whose performance is consistent and predictable. It not only protects the manufacturer against compensaon claims but also guarantees the paent a safe and effecve product. In this work official, an inline quality test for solid dosage in the form of pills or capsules are discussed. The weight of the arcles (solid dosage) is measured in this paper to ensure the uniformity of the weight as prescribed by Indian Pharmacopeia. To avoid packing of the arcles which has a surface defect or any dimensional defect, visual inspecon is carried by image processing. The proposed device uses a load cell for weight measurement. These quality tests are carried out at high speed using a Programmable Logic Controller.

Keywords: Automaon, Image processing, Load cell, PLC, Pharmaceucal, Weight checker. …Read More