Predicting the Rotational Compliance of a Flight Inter-section Joint


Flight intersecon joints are temporary joints used to integrate one airframe secon with another. They are characterized by their inherent capacity to resist the rotaonal flexibility when subjected to an external bending moment, commonly termed as the joint rotaonal compliance (JRC). They are quanfied mostly by extensive experiments. This paper presents the details of 1) numerical modelling and analysis of a cylindrically conformal stud-nut-slot type of a flight intersecon joint, 2) predicon of the circumferenal distribuon of joint flexibility and 3) computaon of JRC. Further, it highlights the effect of pre-ghtening on JRC and suggests few adoptable methods to enhance the JRC.

Keywords: Flight intersecon joint (FIJ), joint rotaonal compliance (JRC), joint rotaonal sffness (JRS), finite element analysis (FEA), pre-ghtening.…Read More