Simulations and experiments on an energy harvester under harmonic excitations


Vibraon energy harvester consists of a structural member such as a beam, plate or a combinaon of different members wherein the structural members are bonded with one or more patches or layers of piezo-electric transducers. This structural member bonded with piezo-electric patches can convert the base vibraon into electrical energy. This technique is becoming popular in recent mes. The harvested energy depends on the type and magnitude of base excitaon and the harvester’s configuraon. This paper presents the development of numerical simulaon and experimental procedure to quanfy the harvested energy from a canlever energy harvester. The effect of increase in the base acceleraons with different load resistances is invesgated. The experimental results agreed well with the simulaons. The results demonstrate that the harvested energy reaches maximum when the base excitaon matches the natural frequency of the harvester and increases with increase in base acceleraons from 1g to 10g for three different loads.

Keywords: Canlever energy harvester, harmonic excitaons, numerical simulaons, experiments, base acceleraon, power output.

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