by Gurumurthy Kalyanaram

Partnership with Indian Society for Applied Mechanics (ISAM) I am delighted that the prestigious Indian Society for Applied Mechanics (ISAM) has partnered with the Journal of Engineering and Technology Review for publication of very impactful research manuscripts. As you will note, these papers are thoughtful and insightful, contributing not only to theoretical foundations but also to practice. These papers have been “selected from more than 22 peer-reviewed papers presented in the field of Solid Mechanics, Design Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, and Biomedical Engineering at Virtual Seminar for Applied Mechanics (VSAM-2020) organized by the Indian Society for Applied Mechanics (ISAM).” As the Editor-in-Chief, and as the founding editor of the Journal, I am delighted at this important milestone for the Journal. I look forward to continued and enhanced partnership with ISAM, and other such distinguished professional bodies.

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