Parametrization and model validation for metal using J2 Plasticity and digital image correlation


Convenonally, the parameters of elasto-plasc material models are calibrated using experiments that develop homogeneous strain/stress fields, while the model is then used in applicaons where the responses are heterogeneous in nature depending on the structural geometry and/or nature of loading. This entails that the local response predicted by a considered model should also be validated with experiments that develop heterogeneous and mulaxial strain/stress fields. In the present work, the adequacy of the widely used von Mises elasto-plasc model for a 6000 series Aluminium alloy is explored under this general idea. The model parameters are first calibrated from uniaxial tension test using digital image correlaon (DIC). The predictability of the considered model is then evaluated for a uniaxially pulled plate with a center hole that develops a heterogeneous strain field. Finite Element Method simulaon is performed to numerically predict the strain distribuon, which is then compared with the strain field measured using Digital Image Correlaon (DIC).

Keywords: J₂ Plascity, Digital image correlaon (DIC), Calibraon and Validaon, Aluminum alloy

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