Quality Assurance: The Perils of Doing Too Much


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are integral to the successful implementation of any design. In engineering, the importance of the two processes grows exponentially with the size and extent of a project and the number of deliverables involved. However, in many cases, it is being overdone to the degree where general project efficiency is affected. This article examines the perils of doing too much QA with specific reference to transmission line structural engineering analysis. Several examples are presented and their overall influence on project timelines, budgets and efficiency are discussed. Suggestions for process improvement are made.

Keywords: assurance, control, engineering, quality, management, transmission



All engineering projects usually consist of analysis and design phases followed by the fabrication and construction phases. The analysis phase involves visualization, computer modeling and simulation of the intended structure or system subject to a set of code-mandated loads and load effects. The results of the analysis then form the basis for designing/sizing of system components to satisfy a given set of design

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